"As a church...it is imperative that there be a high degree of trust and confidence in the contractor in a project as unique as ours...I can tell you that my trust and confidence has been greatly rewarded."
Dale Cross, Building Committee Co-Chair, Catalina Church of Midtown
You and your staff deserve a great deal of credit for the quality construction you provided and your leadership in getting the project accomplished. Thank you for your professionalism, your attitude toward quality and the leadership in getting the project accomplished on time and on budget. Leadership is a word often used, but seldom encountered in reality...this cannot be said in your case.
George J. Seperich, Associate Dean, Arizona State University
Concord participated with us and our architect, Todd & Associates, in providing cost estimates during the programming phase of preconstruction, allowing us to design within our budget. Prior to groundbreaking, we were provided with a guaranteed maximum price, with built-in contingencies. during the construction process, Concord's field personnel have been very helpful in advising us of available cost savings. We have been very pleased with Concord, and it is our pleasure to recommend them to you.
Reverend Dr. Kevin Wyssman, Senior Pastor, Christ Greenfield Lutheran Church
On our next building project Concord will be our first choice. Why? Vision Accomplished A+. Concord elevates quality while seeking to fulfill a vision. Honesty without compromise. Quality without compromise. Creativity without shortcuts. The end result for us is an outstanding two-story 21st century effective ministry tool. Ministry improved by an excellent general contractor, Concord.
Roger Ball, Pastor, First Baptist of Tempe
It is my pleasure to recommend Concord General Contracting with whom we have worked successfully on the Sierra Vista Fire Station No. 3 project. It is my observation that Concord had office management and job superintendent resources organized to successfully manage the project and work of the subcontractors.
Scott Rumel, Architect, Scott Rumel Architect
Concord was both responsive and flexible which improved the quality and timeliness of construction on the James A. Walsh Federal Courthouse. Concord would meet with the Court staff weekly and sometimes daily to ensure that the tenant understood the work activity schedule and noise activity schedule. The Walsh Courthouse renovation work finished on time and under budget. Concord's construction quality was excellent.
Jean Dakota, Project Manager, General Services Administration