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17 Jun 2019

Out of office message

Summer vacations are upon us and as we are rushing out the door to begin relaxing often we quickly put together an out of office reply or forget to do one all together. We always want to make sure our clients, co-workers, subcontractors, etc. are always aware of when they can expect you to answer their email. It’s up to you whether you will be checking emails during vacation or not, so the choice is yours. The only thing we ask is you always add your out of office information whenever you will be gone, regardless if it is one day or one week. On another note please make sure your calendar is updated at all times with vacation days. Summer and Becky use this information when answering the phone and it is nice to know when you are on vacation so they can let the caller know that you are out for the day. 

Below are two out of office formats to use when escaping the office.

Out of Office – Not Checking Emails or Taking Calls

I am currently out of the office Month/Day – Month/Day, returning Month/Day. I will not have access to email or phone during this time. If you need immediate assistance please contact (Insert Contact Name) at (Insert contact phone number), otherwise I will return your message upon my return.

Out of Office – Checking Emails and Taking Calls

I am currently out of the office Month/Day – Month/Day, returning Month/Day. I will be checking emails and phone messages periodically; however If you need immediate assistance please call (Insert Contact Name) at (Insert contact phone number).

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